Stem Cell technology

RachelK - Stem Cell TechnologyOne of the latest and most advanced anti-ageing ingredients is the Swiss Apple Stem Cell extract (Phytocell Tec Malus Domestica), a revolutionary anti-ageing ingredient that protects skin cells against oxidative stress, and repairs damaged DNA. It contains phospholipids that deliver apple stem cell deep into the skin, allowing skin cells to self-renew.

Studies have proven that just 2% of Phytocell Tec can decrease the depth of crow's feet by 15%, in only 4 weeks.

This is the star ingredient in the Rachel K, SEE THE DIFFERENCE Skin Care line. The entire line is made from rare, highly prized natural ingredients, and uses bleeding edge technology to achieve beautiful results fast, without damaging skin, and infusing skin with the ability to renew itself.

It has been tried and tested by the doyens and ideals of beauty worldwide: International Beauty Queens. And as their skin can vouch for, the results speak for itself.

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